Tangoholiday Tauplitz
5 - 11 August 2018

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Your teachers this weekend are Mariano y Cosima Díaz Campos. Mariano was born in Buenos Aires, and raised in a tango family. He transmits the cultural heritage from a family of tangodancers. His grandfather used to organize milongas in his home town, his mother was the pioneer of tango in Holland, and passed the legacy to her son. Mariano & Cosima met in 2001, and trained intensively in Buenos Aires with renowned maestros. Their style is classical and Argentine. Cosima brought to the couple and to the teaching her experience in music in general and in tango music in particular (she studied Argentine Tango violin in Rotterdam in 1996-1997), and her knowledge in healthy movements and postures (she graduated as an excercise-therapist in 2001, and as a physiotherapist in 2004).

Mariano & Cosima are dedicated teachers, and their classes are appreciated by students for their effective methodology. The couple knows how to work intensively with a group, yet create a light, fun and relaxed atmosphere. They guarantee a good balance between explanation and time to practice and a good alternation between group dynamics and individual feedback. They know how to connect technique with feeling, and they focus on the essence of tango in their classes. They give subtle and accurate corrections that make every students grow fast.

Most important aspects in teaching are:

  • healthy movements, relaxed energy, full feeling of the body;
  • quality of movement, connection and musicality.


You can register by sending us an e-mail with the following information:

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